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A word brought forth to encourage God's people. Just know that I love you when you come under attack from the enemy know that I take what the enemy is doing against you and turning it around for your good for you know that nothing can harm you or separate you from My love. If you are one with Me and you are hidden within Me, the enemy cannot harm the most precious thing that you have and that is your relationship with Me.  That is the highest commodity that you have, the thing that is most important and valuable to you.
The Lord says I am calling the men and the woman who are mature in their faith to teach, nurture and be mentors to the younger ones. I am calling those of you who know Me, know My ways and have submitted your lives to the call. I am calling those of you to train, encourage and support those who are still on milk. I am looking for those of you who have been delivered from the strongholds of the enemy to strengthen the younger ones of the next generations. Those of you who understand the battle and are ready to serve on the front lines will be strong and do great exploits.
I am here to tell you today that the tables have turned in the seemingly impossible situation that you face right now. The trap that the enemy built to destroy you will be the exact same gallows that God uses to destroy the enemy on your behalf. God is about to humiliate the enemy using the exact situation that the enemy was trying to destroy you with. Even more than that, God is making a display of your blessing as He works all things together for good in your life.
A few nights ago, I had one of those God-infused dreams — a message that God was giving me to give to the body of Christ. This dream, the message, is a little meatier than what I am used to sharing. I believe it is a "current state of the church" message, a warning to the church and a message of guidance and hope for the body of Christ. But first, I am reminded why God gives us dreams, correction, edification, and guidance. The reason is summed up right here: "Whom we preach, warning everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present them perfect in Christ Jesus" (Col. 1:28).
Despite the nightmare I woke up with on Saturday, that I had gotten the wrong day for Easter dinner and was completely unprepared for the 10 people who would sit around my table, I did manage to get to the store on the correct day and buy all the fixins for our family dinner. Except after shopping, I realized I had forgotten one of the most important elements for our dinner table: Jell-O.
We are entering a season of acceleration. People are seeking answers and we must be ready to share with them why we believe in God's plan of Salvation. In our day, we have chaos that is shaking our landscape. I know God is the answer. This morning I received this message from the Lord through a dream.
Both scripture and church history give testimony to this truth — prayer always precedes revival. When a mighty outpouring of God's Spirit is poured out resulting in a great harvest of souls and refreshing for the church, prayers have gone ahead to break open the way. Many prophets (including myself) have been declaring the coming season of harvest, and this precipitates the need for prevailing prayer. The greater the unity in prayer, the greater the outpouring. This means YOUR prayers are essential as we cry to the Lord of the harvest for his refreshing rain of revival to sweep our world.
I love the song "I Hope You Dance." If you have never heard it you can look it up on YouTube and listen to it. As I look back on my life I can honestly say I danced. I may have failed sometimes but even though I could have chosen to do nothing in life I tried. I had some success, and some let downs but I wasn't willing to settle for the path of least resistance. I stepped out in faith many times, even when I didn't have to.
Mark 3:13-19 "And he went up on the mountain, and called to him those whom he desired; and they came to him. And he appointed twelve, to be with him… " For three years, the first twelve were able to really know Jesus and to be trained by Him. Above all, they knew Christ. He knew them. Their lives were ruled with the insatiable desire to serve Him – even through the most discouraging situations. To this day, true apostles have this same driving passion to know God and to make Him known. What we often miss is knowing those who are "with us." As apostles, do they stay with us, follow us, or travel with us?
As I minister around the world, I see a resurgence within the body of Christ for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In God's people from all denominations, whether pastors and other leaders or the people within the congregations, there is a cry for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is a definite move of God, as the altars are full of people desiring to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Men, women, youth and children are activating their faith and are receiving this precious power from above. Grown men and intellectuals who have struggled for years with receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit are receiving instantly and weeping for joy as they begin to speak in tongues.






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